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My Scotty is my first camper.  She's "Mermaid Manor" and I love her.  My husband helped me fix her up and she's absolutely adorable.  She's a tiny thing-a total of 13'.  The previous owners removed her kitchen and bathroom.  She's just a little bedroom on wheels.  The kitchen area has been turned into a little upholstered bench with a side set of drawers and little counter top.  The tower where the fridge had been is now an open space with more counter space.  There had been a goucho in the back, it's just a full sized bed.  The bathroom is a huge closet.  I can put chairs, storage bins, etc. I have a camper potty in there, I've never opened the box.

My newest project is my '64 Trade Wind.  I purchased her from a friend and I am so excited to have her.  She's going to be the "Hula Hut".  I've already started on her and I've only had her for a week!  I've put new floor down and it's pretty cute.  It's "parquet" laminate.  I am working now to replace all of the veneer on the cabinets.  God bless you, Granddaddy, for teaching me woodworking!  I've purchased some adorable vintage looking Hawaiian prints to make bedding, curtains, and such.  I'm going to finish all of the "hard stuff" before I start the "soft stuff". 

I have a camping trip planned with my friends at the end of June.  I hope to have her done by then.  I'll be super busy-that's for sure!!


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How fun!!!! Would love to see pictures.
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